Recipe: Lemon-Cherry-Hazelnut Muffins (Vegan)

These muffins are chock-full of goodness: whole grains, hazelnuts, cherries, apples, and zucchini, plus a little booze to make everything even better. Assembling the muffins requires more steps than my usual recipes, but the taste makes it worth it—or so my non-vegan taste testers told me between bitefuls. Enjoy! Supplies measuring cups and spoons 2 mixing bowls cookie sheet muffin … Read more

Recipe: Mochachocarula Muffins

I recently had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go on safari in southern Africa. How does a tightwad from North America manage that? One of my clients is a boutique travel agency and wanted me to visit so I could write a first-hand account of the various safari destinations there. So it was as much work as vacation, if that makes you feel any … Read more

Recipe: Pizza marghuerita

Last week I wrote about making whole wheat pizza dough. Starting today, I’ll be giving you lots of ideas for topping the dough! I’ll be posting some different recipes over the next few weeks, starting with the classic: pizza marghuerita. This is an incredibly simple recipe that tastes incredibly good. (See all pizza-related recipes I’ve posted so far here.) Supplies pizza peel pizza … Read more

Making pizza dough from scratch in 9 easy steps

Making pizza dough from scratch in 9 easy steps

Making pizza dough from scratch sounds harder than it is. And this recipe makes it even easier by cutting down on the kneading. Kneading helps the gluten in the wheat form long strands that hold the dough together and give bread its customary chewiness. Gluten also develops and becomes stronger as dough rises. By increasing the rising time, you can … Read more