Recipe: Cucumber-Kohlrabi salad

Companion made this beautiful salad. My first instinct, of course, was to take a picture. But it tastes good too. The white chunks are not cheese, though they sort of look like it from this angle. They are kohlrabi, a close relative of broccoli eaten for the stem, rather than the florets. Kohlrabi has a nice, nutty taste and crispy texture. … Read more

Recipe: Simple black raspberry salad

I’ve been eating black raspberries at every meal now that they’re in season. They were in my oatmeal at breakfast, my yogurt at lunch, and in my salad at dinner. I love how they look next to the beets. The colors would make a lovely combination for a duotone quilt. If only I had made the salad before the sun set, the picture would have … Read more