Surprise savings

I went to Aldi today to do my grocery shopping. I tend to go there because they generally have good produce prices, and I like that they have limited selection. I’m one of those shoppers who likes limited selection because having too much to choose from just confuses me. Ideally, I would shop at the co-op or farmers market all … Read more

Still being cheap

Two months to the day that I last wrote here. I’m still being cheap, but I haven’t been very motivated to write about it lately. In September, I had an extended viral illness that limited my ability to go couponing and that also motivated me to start writing fiction again as a way to entertain myself. As I often am … Read more

My recent hate-hate relationship with cooking

I am really into home food preservation. I have an annually rotating stock of hundreds of jars of canned applesauce, canned pears, apple chutney, tomatillo salsa, jams, jellies, apple butters, tomatoes, tomato sauce and fruit juices. When I worked on a farm and had access to surplus vegetables, I also pressure canned lots of green beans, beets and soups. Every … Read more

I impress myself

I impress myself

  I have definitely slowed down at getting rid of things. Craigslist has been slow the past couple of weeks (last thing I sold was a hand-held vacuum cleaner for $15), and I haven’t posted to Ebay in a few weeks, since what I’ve got left is mostly low-value and not worth making a trip to the post office is … Read more

Cooking with Google

Today was a “look in the kitchen cupboards for stuff you haven’t used in forever, then Google said item and the word ‘recipe’ so you can finally use it up” day in my household. I found a package of potato flakes, even though I never make instant mashed potatoes. The Great Google brought me to a potato flakes discussion on … Read more

The Great Reward

No, I’m not talking about heaven. I’m talking about a free bus ticket to La Crosse. After my driver’s license was misappropriated three weeks ago, and the bus driver took his own sweet time to get it back to me, the bus company gave me a voucher for a free ticket. So I went this weekend to the scenic bi-state … Read more