Trashing the woodpile

On Tuesday, I got rid of much of the scrap wood collection that has been accumulating in my basement, waiting to be disposed of. The total included: 2 milk crates full 2 buckets full a chopped-up hollowcore door that I had been using as a folding station atop my washer and dryer, but hasn’t worked for that since I moved … Read more

Fixated on toilets

I wasn’t so prolific with the getting rid of stuff this week, unless you count using up bottles of IronOut, Vanish, phosphoric acid and bleach that have been laying around for a while. No, I didn’t use them together, because that would have been stupid and potentially deadly. I know some of you are thinking that an earthy person like … Read more

This week’s clearing

Here are some things I’ve gotten rid of this week: A computer accessory (thanks to eBay) A self-inflating camp mat (thanks to Craigslist) An electronic pocket dictionary that translates among five languages (thanks to Freecycle, it went to a nearby rural EMS department where about 10% of the clients, but only two of the paramedics, speak Spanish) A beauty-(is-in-the-eye-of-the-beholder)-full Schwinn … Read more

In which downstairs cat poses for glamour shots

I’ve been accused of loving upstairs cat (aka boy cat) more than downstairs cat (aka girl cat), with the fact that I take more pictures of upstairs cat being brought forth as evidence in support of the allegation. Actually, I’ve tried videotaping downstairs cat’s antics numerous times, but the videos never turn out because she’s black and the rug on … Read more