Consider this our audition for My Cat From Hell

Consider this our audition for My Cat From Hell

This is Lilo. I found her in the parking lot when she was a scrawny kitten of about three months old. She was darting back and forth under the cars, chasing a ground squirrel. The annual leases in the neighboring apartment complex had just let up, so my best guess was that someone dumped her when they moved. I put up signs … Read more

Giveaway: Free Consumer Reports Subscription

There are lots of magazines that will claim to save you money, but Consumer Reports and its sister publication ShopSmart are the only ones I’ve found to regularly deliver on that promise. Other magazines “save you money” by loading themselves with coupons, mostly for stuff you don’t want. Consumer Reports saves you money by giving you the information you need to make wise … Read more

Recipe: Citrusy whole grain muffins

This was inspired by a quinoa muffin recipe in Better Homes and Gardens. The main change is that I swapped out quinoa for millet, which is less expensive and doesn’t have the ethical issues associated with quinoa importation. Millet grains are about the same size as quinoa and have a delicious nutty flavor reminiscent of corn. This recipe is also completely whole-grain … Read more

A simple and cheap way to organize kitchen drawers

My current favorite homekeeping blog is Unfuck Your Habitat. It’s motto is “You’re Better Than Your Mess.” I follow it on Tumblr and Twitter, and even have the app on my phone. (The app cost less than a bottle of white vinegar – talk about a good cleaning deal!) I like UfYH because it breaks seemingly insurmountable chores into easy, short … Read more


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